8.3.2 Release

Release Date

Aug 2023

End Of Support

Feb 2024



When upgrading to this release ensure that the OS patches ‘8_OL_05_2023' and '8_OL_04_2023’ have been installed prior to upgrade.

This release includes an updated BMC Discovery TPL pattern that needs to be deployed after initial startup ahead of any publishing / unpublishing of uMap models. See here for details : https://tekwurx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC80/pages/1333462830


Release notes - uControl - 8.3.2


Unable to clear alerts - Data too long - Child CI
Remove duplciate communicating cis for multi relationships
AssetCloudManagementGroup event table does not exist
Cloud linking software instances created as on prem cis
Unable to unpublish uMap applications - No event in BMC Discovery created
Publishing model - Javascript error not cleared
Error connecting to cmdb dev environment - NAMESPACE not saved for Import configuration
uMap - Processes not showing as linked in models

New Features

Extend tag rules to 'custom attributes' for VMware CI.
Implement all option for uMap tag rules.


Cloud linking performance improvements
UMap Unlinking performace improvement

Release notes - uControl -


uMap review date inconsistency
Removed orphan Package and Patch deletion API call to BMC Discovery

uMap unpublish not working on BMC Clusters

Release notes - uControl -


Resolved issue where SupportDetail relationships were not imported from BMC Discovery

Removal of unused attributes in Software Instance mappings for BMC Discovery

Release notes - uControl -


Resolved issue where users in groups are not seeing uAlerts (Open or Closed)

Increased path attribute length for FileSystem CI’s

Resolved bug around BMC Appliance scans imported